Welcome to Graphix @ Farindol! This is just a little side project of mine to keep my creative juices flowing in my spare time, and to help me do something a little more constructive with my life (other than playing video games, reading manga and watching anime).

You'll find the navigation along the left-hand side under the "graphics" menu. Feel free to use any of the graphics you find here (just be sure to give the site proper credit... 'cause honestly... no one loves a theif).

I'll be using this space to provide updates to site content, so check back every so often. There's sure to be something new (*cough* EVENTUALLY *cough*). While you're here... want to feed Zissou? XD


22-06-08: Site "launch" - basically I actually got around to doing something more than creating a template. XD
23-06-08: Moved servers! What a trip. Yay, DreamHost!
24-06-08: Added a bunch of tiled backgrounds. Help yourself. =3

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